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Having Issues with Random (Python)
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Hi, so I was bored and started working on a python program that gives you random Math problems and when I run the program, sometimes the code just randomly fails to actually pick a random choice from the operation array which is literally just something I chose to add for weight of operations and chance.


Code should 100% of the time pick a random item from the pool array.


Code most of the time works, but sometimes gives me an error that says something like int is out of range

Answered by 19ecal [earned 5 cycles]
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To pick a random item from a list reliably, use operation = random.choice(pool)

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I'm not certain about this because it's hard to recreate this error, but you may occasionally be out of range due to how line 79 is written:

operation = pool[random.randint(1,random.randint(0,len(pool)))]

You're calling 2 separate random integer functions. The second embedded one is a range from 0 to whatever. On occasion it may select 0 as the random number. Then, it uses this random number in the first random selection using a range from 1 to <second random number>. In this case, you would be asking it to pick a random number between 1 and 0, which I think will cause a range error. Try changing the range be something equal to or greater than 1 for the second embedded random number generator:

operation = pool[random.randint(1,random.randint(1,len(pool)))]

Hopefully that fixes your issue.