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Haskell support for recent LTS

Currently, Haskell support is a bit outdated, with stack I cannot use snapshots released for the last couple of years.

This is a known issue, stack of version 1.9.3 that is provided by and was commonly used before, now cannot download any recent lts. This complicates the use of libraries.

stack of 1.* version is known to have other issues, so an update would be really appreciated.


You can use request a feature for these things:

ask is mainly for coding help, you could rephrase it to like how do i update haskell?


@Coder100 Oh thanks, I tried hard but failed to find the "ask for a feature" button at my first iteration.


I cannot stress this enough, Nix has you covered here. I'd imagine the Nix GHC package comes with stack, but you can always search for it on the Nix Package Manager if not.

Nix on Replit:


If you want to request a update to Haskell, I recommend emailing “[email protected]