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Has anybody noticed any slowness today?
firefish (948)

Today I've experienced a lot of crashes in The second I create an env var, (in the er, well, new interface for .env), my repl crashes and all of my code disappears. Then upon merely loading the repl again, it crashes and prompts me to reload. This is an endless cycle.

I just want to know if this is just me, or is this just some server-side CAS problem?

Answered by IntellectualGuy (824) [earned 5 cycles]
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IntellectualGuy (824)

There was some sort of warning a while ago, said that they were recovering from a site failure or something, so that's probably why.

firefish (948)

@IntellectualGuy oh, well that explains everything.


I think it's only you. I don't have crashes.

firefish (948)

@Tercoder hm... try creating env vars?

StringentDev (229)

UUUh it has crashed my tab... lol.

VulcanWM (2769)

I haven’t had any crashes while coding. It’s prolly just you

firefish (948)

@VulcanWM but have you tried creatin env vars?

VulcanWM (2769)

Tried and it worked perfectly without any crashes @firefish