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What is the best language to hack in, and can somebody make a good course in hacking because I want a career in cybersecurity


Hacking isn't as much knowing a language, as it is knowing concepts. languages simlply let you execute those concepts, so it doesn't matter what you pick. With that said, Python is a very popular one due too it's fanatic packet manipulation library, scapy (Not to be confused with an awesome web scraping library, scrapy)


Hackers don't often use code (unless they're sending out a virus). Instead, hackers figure out exactly what your code is doing in the background and figure out a way to bypass that. Let's say someone named Alice had a contact form:

Name: ____
Email: ____

Alice's form uses a post request to send the info to the server.

She made a design mistake, though: validation. Anyone can type ANYTHING into the fields.

OK, so say someone named Bob went to the website Alice's form is on. He cracks open the element inspector and sees NO VALIDATION in the sending of the form. Bob starts to think about how to hurt the server with this. His choice is to write a program that generates spam above the buffer size in order to exceed the bandwidth. Bob sends it, and Alice's mistake is proven costly to the website, since she also didn't have any backup.

That, my friend, is hacking. Bob could've used any coding language he wanted to spam the server, so essentialy, any language could be used for hacking. Though JavaScript might be not quite as good to use.

Disclaimer: none of what Bob did is recommended, as it is evil and illegal. You probably already know that, though.


You do realise that it's illegal, right?


@The_Potato Ethical hacking is legal. What you are thinking is commonly referred to as "cracking".


It’s not illegal if you use it for the right [email protected]_Potato


@The_Potato its not illegal as long as no one finds out🥴


Can someone put a good hacking course on plz


I'm not sure if there is the best language to hack in, it all depends on the trend and on your mindset and personality. finding solutions on your own and fixing problems. If you want a job in a certain field the best way is to get it is by enhancing your own skills and you can only do that by having side projects. Try to create your side projects and learn on your own and from others projects, get their attention by showing your work and talking about it. This is how you get what you want.




Java script. I can give you a very good course. Contact me: [email protected]


If you are sending out a virus then I recommend you using python or Nodejs (you can even use bash!)


Knowledge of Python and Bash is good for general penetration testing. SQL, PHP, and JavaScript are also good for web hacking. C and Assembly are good for reversing. But, really, you just have to be good with computers and have the right mindset.


that is so cool but im just drawing a blank sorry I should of taken the course at my school that teaches hacking!


Hacking isn't really about knowing a language. Sure, you need programming knowledge, and if you're trying to hack with, say, an SQL Injection then you would of course need knowledge of SQL. Cybersecurity is quite a broad term - I think what you're thinking of is ethical hacking.
A great place to learn about cybersecurity and becoming an analyst is cyberdiscovery. Try their course next year, it'll show you cybersecurity is for you. Good luck!


can i send a virus in this thing


someone pls help coz im afraid my teacher wold do such a thing to my computer


@Laurencelau If that's a serious question, well not really because this is online - JavaScript can't really access your computer.


@Laurencelau You can only receive a virus if you download it from a website or from an email.


Calling our resident hackers in the house ;)