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HTML/CSS/JS Repls fail to load
JosephMaxwell (1)

Any time I try to load an HTML/CSS/JS Repl, it fails. I have tried multiple browsers and clearing my history, but nothing seems to work. I can get it to work on my phone and on a Mac computer, but not on my Windows computer.

This is what it looks like:


That is most likely a bug. I suggest signing out of your repl account and then resigning in after reopening the browser. Cleaning your cookies might also help, since I've seen them to pretty crazy things to browsers.
If cleaning your cookies and signing out of your repl account doesn't work, then just report it as a bug and wait a while.
Hope this helps!

JosephMaxwell (1)

@GoofyGus Thanks, I did try it in an Incognito window/signed out/in another browser, so I think it might actually be partially something on my end. I'll look into reporting it as a bug though!


Try clearing your cookies, I've found that that helps. @JosephMaxwell

kazumaki (0)

I'm facing the same issue right now.

Coder100 (18222)

Hi! I have encountered this before too :(

Try forking the repl.

Anyways, report this to bugs as well.

Good luck!

VulcanWM (2770)

This is probably a bug. Report it to bugs here.

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EpicGamer007 (1736)

Check if your internet connection. Or repl just might be glitching or something at that time.