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HTML Equipment Signout Program WIP
cjwinchstr (1)

Hello! My name is Christopher, and I attend Hereford High School, and I'm looking to fix our equipment signout program by rewriting it, since the code is written in Java, and I am not proficient in the code. I know how to use HTML, (some) javascript, and a bit of CSS. I'm mostly proficient in Python, and I was looking to see if anyone had any suggestions for the program. Currently I need two pages, one for signing equipment out, and one for signing equipment back in. A huge roadblock also lies in that the school computers here block the command prompt, and most file editing, meaning I can't use python on the school computers. Below is a list of what I need specifically.

-Program needs to be running 24/7, most likely looking to get the final site hosted by the school system
-Program stores data in an online spreadsheet, preferably Google Spreadsheets for money constraints.
-Program needs to be functional by March 6th (in class deadline)
-Anything that would require administrator level permissions on computers is off limits.
-Program needs to be clean as well, no clutter or hard-to-read text.

Thanks in advance! I'll constantly be updating the program throughout the year, too.

Additionally, any links currently sitting in the program that take you to external sites are currently for testing as of 11/1/2019

SixBeeps (5353)

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL PROGRAMMERS DO NOT USE GOOGLE SHEETS. That's like saying peanut butter is a nut. Look into a database language like SQL or something. They're free and are meant for data storage. If you'll be running the system on the school's server, using a DB won't be much of a problem.

For the client sites, you can perform SEND requests through AJAX and jQuerry, and for the server, use something like Flask to create a REST API if you really want to use Python.

Good luck in your endeavors!

slip1244 (257)

if you REALLY want to use google sheets, i have lots of experience in the js api

rediar (525)

Try SQL or MongoDB atlas both free. Google slides is very.. bleh.