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I was working on a repl on an android tablet, I accidentally made a broken while loop, and it froze. I reloaded repl only to see the 404 page. I then checked my other repls only to see the same message. I cannot create new repls, and I cannot fork. Please help me.


I think you could have crashed your tablets chrome or web browser. I recommend just restarting the android tablet or like @IMayBeMe said below, logging out of repl and then logging back in again. If this doesn't seem to do the trick, you could try to run repl off a personal computer or phone and see if it works. If it does work off your other device, it means your tablet has some problems and if it doesn't, then repl has some issues. You can also check if you have explorer enabled. I can go more into that if you need me to but for now, check out the solutions I mentioned above. I also just realized this issue was posted "7 hours ago" so you maybe have it already fixed but anyway, hope this helps!


Try to log in and out of replit. If that doesn’t work, contact them at [email protected]