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LegendaryWolf (619)

What mini changes shall I make in my Web App, Alpha Docs?

Pls comments asap

And also as ima a beginner to JS, can you pls tell any mini JS programs I can finish in a day?

Answered by RYANTADIPARTHI (6006) [earned 5 cycles]
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Here are some.

  • JavaScript Clock
  • JavaScript Tip Calculator
  • JavaScript Animated Navigation Toggle
  • JavaScript Map
  • JavaScript Game
  • JavaScript Mouseover Element
  • JavaScript Login Authentication
  • JavaScript Drawing

Ping me if you need more

tussiez (1431)

I can't see the title

LegendaryWolf (619)

Click on the untitled word thing to change the name. That's the only title I can tell about.

AbaanShanid (19)

Try making sites that use an API and then show the data in a neat manner. I learned JS like that. Try using this API i made in, Here is the link to the site

Good luck!