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Good File Extension API?
RayhanADev (1966)

Heya Replit Community!

I have a really good idea for a project, the premise of which is very much similar to Github's Languages section on repos but it's made for Replit!

Sound interesting? Well I need one thing to get it to work. An API or file that contains the full name of every feasible file extension. For example, a .js file is used for Javascript and a .py file is used for Python. An API that can do this would be nice but I have hacker so I can also host large files :P

Anyone know anything?

Answered by Bookie0 (6031) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (6031)

I uh am not very sure what you want, but I googled 'file extension API', and got this: and :)

RayhanADev (1966)

doh xD
not the .api file definition @Bookie0 , an API I can query to get information on a file extension lmfao. Do you happen to know any?

RayhanADev (1966)

@Bookie0 xD
well the first one is not quite it, it gets information for files on Box, (fake Dropbox and Google Drive)
and the second one is RIGHT!, but one problem, it's not a web API and repl uses Linux so it's a no go either way
tbh i'm starting to think I have to manually define files xD

Bookie0 (6031)

@RayhanADev oh :( lol sorry, didn't find much else (i tried to google API get info for file, perhaps try that?)

well good luck anyways! :D

RayhanADev (1966)

@Bookie0 tehehe xD
thanks for trying, I try and figure it out (^_−)−☆