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Git Integration -- Possible to commit from my actual github account?
patmw (0)

Hi there,

Been using Replit for the past couple of days to start experimenting with A-Frame experiences.

I love this platform, and can see myself using it for many web-based projects in the future.

Regarding the Github integration: is there a way to commit to the repo from my actual github account so that the commits show up on my record?

Maybe I'm missing something but at the moment, any commits made from within my Repl do not show up as commits from my github account, and I can't actually see the "contributor" within the github page.

I'd appreciate any advice :)


patmw (0)
Highwayman (1482)

if a repo already exists you can edit it in replit and hence commit to that chosen repl. otherwise im pretty sure it'll make a new repo each time. you can pick the repo from your replit homepage.

patmw (0)

@Highwayman Hi mate, thanks for your response. I have no problem accessing the repo. As you can see I linked it, and it is on my github page.

The problem I have is that when I commit from within Replit, the commit doesn't come from my github account, it comes from some other party without a name, and the commits don't register as they usually would in the insights panel on github.

As you can see here, The commits I made from within replit do not come from my account.

As you can see here, those commits don't show up on the commit activity section..

Highwayman (1482)

hm, so wait the commit is by another party? Is there a way to share the repo with that person? Idk a way besides that... @patmw