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GUI programming on
leson238 (2)

So I encountered some problem while doing the CJ last week: I just cannot understand how GUI work on I tried to do some searching by myself, but apparently, there was no one makes a follow-able guide for this problem yet.
Could someone please make a guide about what we could do with especially about how to make stunning GUI? Languages are not important, but I hope it should be the mainstream ones.
Thanks a lot!

RyanRana (228)

I know you can create a graphical user interface in python. It is used with the Tkinter library, here is a link to my youtube channel it has tutorials for this. Please subscribe! Also it is very easy to do graphics in html5.


BotsBoots (69)

What do you mean by "cannot understand how GUI work"? Are you asking how to make a GUI, or are you asking for tips on how to make a good-looking GUI?