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Folder deletion
an13 (10)

I have a folder I want to delete and I can't find a way to. How would I do that?


Answered by Geocube101 (623) [earned 5 cycles]
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Geocube101 (623)

Manual Delete:
Go to files on left side of screen
Select the 3 dots beside the folder
Press 'delete'

Delete with Python:

from shutil import rmtree
ArchieMaclean (913)

By the way, you can't delete the Untitled folder, because it contains all your untitled repls.

Pythonier (315)

@ArchieMaclean I had that same folder but I didn't know what it was or how to delete it, I thought it was a bug. Thank you!

19mahoneyb (0)

can i delete the items IN the untitled folder?

ArchieMaclean (913)

@19mahoneyb I guess you can delete each one separately, though I don't think you can delete all of them at once.

JSer (84)

If you mean the folder in your REPL list, click the icon with 3 dots on the very right and click the "delete" button. However there's one default folder that you cannot delete ("Unnamed (0)").

If you're dealing with the folders in you project, simply go to the editor, navigate to the 'file' tab, click on the same icon of the folder you wish to delete, then click the "delete" button.