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Files in Scheme Repl?
cfox0815 (0)


I hope this is not a dump question ...

After I created a REPL for Scheme I cannot find the option to generate new files within the REPL. That option is automatically available for other languages like Python, but in the Scheme REPL the option is not offered.

Does the option for separate files not exist in the Scheme REPL?

Best regards


Coder100 (16791)

Some repls don't give you the ability to make new files. Another example is python turtle. This is just because the current implementation is too limited and outdated to do anything interesting yet.

19wintersp (1121)

Certain repls seem to lack the file menu. I think the only way of creating more files would be to make a general-purpose Bash repl, create your Scheme files, and then put the commands to run them in the main file.