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Error keeps coming up in html
MikeJMS8910 (234)

Inside of my html code an error keeps coming up telling my to delete the / on a </script> but thats not what I want to happen because I want to close my java script.

Answered by Baconman321 (1103) [earned 5 cycles]
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Baconman321 (1103)

First of all, html doesn't give errors, so... what? Also, you must have another tag that is either unclosed, or unopened. Try finding that, I bet that's your problem. Otherwise, you may have the opening <script> tag somewhere else and html is parsing it wrong.

MikeJMS8910 (234)

@Baconman321 ok ill try looking for that

Baconman321 (1103)

@MikeJMS8910 BTW you should really paste your html code here too. Helps us target the problem.

MikeJMS8910 (234)

@Baconman321 its really long, around 350 lines long

Baconman321 (1103)

@MikeJMS8910 Ah. Like I said, it might be that you forgot to close a tag, or your opening script tag may be nested inside another element, causing the browser to render it wrong.

AloegelhiPlaysR (131)

Ok, Make sure to parse it right. Make it your only element in a part.

If I had

<script> </script> inside like <html <script> </script>> </html> it will be a problem. Make sure you include a script as well by doing: <script src="script name.language"></script> replace script name with your script name and language with like js, python, etc

Can you give us the code? What do you expect us to do, read your mind lol?

MikeJMS8910 (234)

@owoDev I didn't because the code is over 350 lines long and this error could expand on over half of it

MikeJMS8910 (234)

@owoDev heres the error that comes up though
SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input
at /:328:9
line 328: </script>


@MikeJMS8910 Tag issue.