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Error in code: Str instead of int
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This file cannot be displayed:

I tried to execute this code, and I got an error for line 6, str instead of int. I don't know where to make the correction.

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You can use the int function (actually a class) to change the type. The input returns a string, not integer. Therefore, you must change the string to an integer. For example: int(boundLow) For more information on the difference between strings and integers, look at Stack Overflow
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When you take an input, it returns a string. When you add two strings together, they join so if boundUp was 5 then boundUp + 1 is '51'. The range() function only takes a number, so it doesn't know what to do with a string like that. To fix this you could change this

boundLow = input('blah blah blah')

to this

boundLow = (input('blah blah blah'))

Note: This only works on whole numbers, not decimals. If you want to take a decimal input use float instead of int but this will not work with range.

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