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Monetization and Licensing on replit
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I have two questions about replit in general.

  1. For "repls" hosted on replit, are you allowed to make money/monetize off of it? Specifically, using ads. (I have seen people on replit get in trouble for this but the TOS does not say anything about it so I want to make sure)
  2. According to the Replit docs:

Content published to a public repl or a Classroom are automatically published under an MIT license

Does this mean if I use a license such as the GNU AGPL, will my code still have to be MIT licensed?

Thanks to all answers ;)

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Maybe try hosting it somewhere else. It it's a server, you could try github and github pages.

Also, trying to profit while using free products aimed at helping the community doesn't seem nice (legal, but not ethical). Maybe ask for donations?