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Economy Bot
SaladHat (1)

I have made a simple and easy to use economy bot but I do not know how to add a shop or leaderboard for top balances. If you can help it is greatly appreciated, if you cannot help, thank you for reading this.

altuser (0)

i can help u with it,i can edit ur codes if u say

Coder100 (18882)

you can just sort an array for a leaderboard, and for a shop, it wouldn't be super hard. What's the problem you are having with a shop?

CookieSnowOwl (41)

Btw there is an error, the token is nonetye or smh.
MAybe it's not "TOKEN" but just TOKEN?

Coder100 (18882)

no, that error does not mean anything
you can't run these repls @MatthewHou