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Downloading Raspbian
TheC0derGirl (221)

Hey guys, this isn't really about coding, so i'm not sure if anyone will know, but I just bought the new Raspberry Pi 400, and I am just wondering if anyone has downloaded Raspbian before? If you have, is there any tips or things that could be useful to me? If yes, please comment! I really need some help!

Answered by 19ecal (230) [earned 5 cycles]
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TheC0derGirl (221)

@19ecal Thank you!! That's really helpful!


try installing it. If it doesn't work, then it's probably not available in

tussiez (1532)

Yes. Much too many times :/
Good question..
I recommend downloading the full copy of it (takes a bit to download over network)
Make sure to set your keyboard layout (US != UK)?

Make sure you install the version with a GUI or else you will end up with a command line.