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Does anyone know how to make a bitcoin miner in python?
YellowYetti (0)

I was wondering if anyone knew how to mine bitcoin in python to help fund me get a car and spread the use of crypto currency.

Snuggly (0)

I don't see how much Bitcoin is left to be mined by this time. It's been a thing for so long.


Your not allowed to on replit, but its not worth it on python, due to how slow it is. Try nodejs, or C++ (c++ is much faster btw)

JoeyRueff (28)

Mining crypto currency is not something that python can really do. You could web scrape using beautiful soup to find the price.
Beautiful soup documentation:
You can find further help on youtube. Hope this was helpful!

Dart (1200)

@JoeyRueff your kinda correct you “can” but you would wast your time and money because to do it efficiently you’d have to have like a couple grand in computer equipment and you would constantly have to replace it in short it’s a bad idea.