Access Linux terminal in Python or Ruby on Rails

Is it possible to get to the command prompt in Python or Ruby on Rails? For python, it seems that it will only run the python terminal and for Ruby on Rails, it either auto starts the server or wont let you run commands which is a problem because I dont know of another way to generate things in Rails.

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Answered by IbraheemRodrigues [earned 5 cycles]
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Do you mean you wanna execute a command in Python/Ruby script or access the ternmal from the script?


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@leon332157 I'm trying to be able to run commands like 'rails generate scaffold User' or 'flask db init' but those require a bash terminal, not a python/ruby interpreter. I'm wondering if there is a way to execute such commands without having to write a program to execute the commands in a terminal for me like exec in c.


@K_log there's this... but it only works in pycharm...

os.system("gnome-terminal -e 'bash -c \"sudo apt-get update; exec bash\"'")


@K_log if u want to run a command u can use 'subprocess' module in Python, and doc and be found here:


@K_log I'm pretty sure the original reply is what you want. It solved my problem. If you open the command pallet (F1 or right click in the code editor) then there is an option in the command pallet called "Open Shell". If you select that, then you'll have 3 splits to the right of your code editor one of which will be that bash terminal that you want where you can type "rails generate scaffold User". I just did this, it works. Hope this helps!


@jondkinney i have tried this but am getting an error
bash:rails command not found



I am getting this error aswell