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Do you like games?

HI!!!! Me and my friend decided to make a game and we need some advice!
-What type of games do most of you guys like best?
-What are the best languages to make pixel and 3D games?
-Tell me some multiplayer game engines (coding online) if you guys know (except Unity)

Answered by liltaco (207) [earned 5 cycles]
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liltaco (207)

I like sandbox games or puzzle games best. For 2D games you should start experimenting with Love2D and Lua but then get to a real game engine. If you want to make simple sketch games, I would recommend using JavaScript for games because everyone can play web games.
A game engine is not multiplayer, you need to make a multiplayer server (usually).


@liltaco Thanks!!! But me and my friend just call "multiplayer game engine" cuz it means we can code together online.

liltaco (207)

@HQuan there's this experimental game engine I heard about called Superpowers It's 2D and 3D, 100% web based and one of you runs a server for Superpowers and the other one uses a browser to make the game. It's really awesome, I tried it once but didn't get far (I am not filled with determination). It's fully open source and I recommend you give it a try.

ethanheys (41)

i reckon you should make a story based game with multi chooses but make it 3d/pixelated
and making it very strict will mean less coding and it will be easier to make


@ethanheys That's what iam thinking! Thanks a lots!!! :D

mkhoi (300)

@ethanheys Yeah! Me and @HQuan were discussing this today and our idea is quite similar to yours (im @HQuan's friend)

Lord_Poseidon (173)

+1 for the nicely asked question. 75% of the posts we get these days are spam. Makes sense to reward the good ones.

JeyAbrams (0)

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pattmax (3)

Start with the Godot engine, GDscript is a nice language that is very pythonic, or you could use good old cpp, either way it's hard to go wrong with Godot, it has a designated 2d and 3d engine. According to some metrics I saw on YouTube crime games are by far the most popular.

mkhoi (300)

@pattmax I am using the godot engine, and making some tiny platformer in it

Murzikal (22)

Well formatted question +1

Murzikal (22)

Unreal engine is really good


@Murzikal OMG!!! Thank You soooooooooo much :D

gammawarrior (0)

Unreal engine is a good one(but it takes up soooo much space and memory)
I would try playcanvas.


@gammawarrior Cool!!! Are they free?