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Displaying Plotly graph written in HTML file
OzkanOzturk (3)

Can anyone help me please:
I can not display the graph in browser which is saved in html file by fig.write_html or Plotly.offline.plot even auto_open is true.
I am expecting a new tab or file open in browser which is and show html but nothing happens.


Your expecting your repl to open a new tab in your broswer, but replit cant do that. What you can do is learn how to use the flask module to load the webpage and display it. I'm not an expert on flask, but there are good tutorials on the internet

AdityaChaudhar4 (0)

sadly i am still not able to render plotly graph in replit

OzkanOzturk (3)

@tangert hi. Could you please have a look at my question?

tangert (87)

hi @OzkanOzturk, sorry for the late response! I was sick. can you please provide a link to the repl or make a new post with it so we can reproduce the error?

AdityaChaudhar4 (0)

@tangert hey, i am having the same issue!

plotly graphs don't render at all while matplotlib works fine