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Disk Quota Exceeded except I didn't
JacksonSmith2 (14)

So I am running a discord bot that has to save data to a pickle file. I kept getting a "disk quota exceeded" message so I upgraded my account. I now have a file limit of 400MB per repl, and my file has never even reached 1MB but it will still say "disk quota exceeded" even with my upgraded account. What is this nonsense?

animatedcreativ (0)

I am getting quota error at 1GB even after upgrading.
How did you solve it?

ash15khng (712)

I think the 400 is for total? I'm not exactly sure.

SixBeeps (5061)

Check your "My Repls" tab. Are there any unusually large Repls? If not, I'd contact the Repl Team at [email protected]

JacksonSmith2 (14)

@SixBeeps No, not at all. Also, magically the repl randomly recovered all the data it said it couldn't save and started working again. This seems to happen occasionally and it's super annoying.

SixBeeps (5061)

@JacksonSmith2 Huh, weird. Is it still giving you the quota error?