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Discord Ratelimit for
JTpotato (3)

Discord has ratelimited the IP of a Discord bot I'm hosting here. I've stopped the Discord bot for around 10 hours, but when I start the bot again Discord responds with a message along the lines of "The owner of this website ( has ratelimited your IP"

Assuming every repl has the same IP, there's probably someone spamming Discord with API requests and Discord just ratelimited the IP.

Answered by Coder100 (18238) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (18238)

No, each REPL has a different IP.

Please, blame your own code before you blame the language.

JTpotato (3)

@Coder100 Hmmm... Then I don't see anything that would be considered API abuse... Kinda confusing. I'm only updating a stat counter every few minutes or so which is the closest thing I can find in my code to API abuse. As far as I'm aware, my bot hasn't been spammed either, so it shouldn't have been ratelimited for too many messages either.

But yes you're probably right, I forked my repl and it worked on the fork.

Coder100 (18238)

@JTpotato yeah, most likely it was running a double instance

ErrorNoInternet (18)

Nope not every REPL has the same IP