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Disable Preview
pkme (0)

Is there a way to disable the mini preview window? Its really annoying on autorefresh, I generally use another window to see my result. But any time I close the preview it stops my replit.


pkme (0)
Bookie0 (6262)

Do you mean this preview window? Can't you just drag it down? Or do you mean something else?

pkme (0)

@Bookie0 Yes, but even if its collapsed, it still refreshes automatically and my editor loses focus.

Bookie0 (6262)

what do you mean refreshes?

You could use this toggle switch to stop it from refreshing maybe.


pkme (0)

@Bookie0 Where is this toggle you speak of! This is exactly what I need, but it does not appear for me

Bookie0 (6262)

@pkme ok check in the .md file, right at the top there is a toggle. If you can't find it, go to account, scroll down to roles, and make yourself an explorer, then it should work! :)

pkme (0)

@Bookie0 Oh yeah this is only for md files. I want to remove the preview for node projects

Bookie0 (6262)

@pkme um well you should be able to do that, but yeah that's only for .md files. But what exactly do you mean by 'remove the preview for node projects'?

pkme (0)

@Bookie0 When you run a node project, it pops up a preview window. When you close the window it stops the server. I want to run the server, but not have the preview.

Bookie0 (6262)

@pkme okay could you send me screenshots for how it looks like (when you run it/close window)? And you can always drag the preview tho..

pkme (0)

@Bookie0 I don't have a screenshot, but you can just use this template

  1. Hit the run button
  2. Start typing
  3. pause typing
  4. cursor loses focus

There's no way to run the app while having the preview window closed. This behaviour happens even when minimized

pkme (0)

My workaround is:
Inspect the page
Select the webpreview
Delete it

Seems weird I have to do this, but if I don't my cursor loses focus every couple seconds due to refresh.

InvisibleOne (2954)

Just drag it to the side until it is really small, then you should be able to work with it mostly being out of your way.

pkme (0)

@InvisibleOne This still refreshes, and causes my editor to lose focus.

IOP3 (854)

What lang are you talking about?