"Secrets" (System environment variables) not working.

I'm using replit's "Secrets" functionality to add an env variable.

But when I try to reference it in my React project, it comes up as undefined.

I try to see if it's even there using a simple printenv, but it's not there.

I tried to restart the machine using busybox reboot and check it. Still nothing.

What am I doing wrong?

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Did you click save? if you did then it is probably a bug and you should report it. if you did not, then do it again but click save


@Xenity Yep, I clicked save.


@KennyJacobson1 then it is probably a replit bug


@Xenity I just reported it.


@KennyJacobson1 I am facing the same,issue resolved?


@zkindest @KennyJacobson1
Same here. Is there a link to the issue?
I'd like to track it and help make sure it gets some attention.


@ceilingrat I am able to use node env variables if i use the run button provided by the replit.
Here's my ticket: https://replit.com/talk/ask/secret-variables-are-not-working/140159


I'm seeing that too. For a Bash repl, it's especially tricky but I have some ideas about how to get the results I want.
If I have some success, I'll share a functioning repl for anyone who's interested.
Thanks for sharing your ticket!