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Did I do it right😁😁😁
DanteWilliams4 (1)

Like do you guys like It and what can I change or add.😍😍🤗🤗

Bookie0 (6286)

The program is kind of short. Perhaps you can add more content? Also this should be in the share board, not the ask board :)

CodeMaster007 (108)

Hey! Just so you know, there are these people named moderators which check repl to see if there is any bad feeds and they remove them. According to the rules, this would be considered low effort and moderators would remove this from the talk page, where you posted. For future references do not post "low effort repls". You can keep these programs for yourself, however do not post them. I am not a moderator, but am telling you this so you are aware.


ch1ck3n (2069)

you can put this in the "share" section and "ask" is for coding questions