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Delete account
Halki (4)

How do you delete your account!
I want to use my email for another account but it says the email is already in use. Does anybody know how to delete your account.

21natzil (1199)

Hello Halki! If you go to your account settings, under the "My Account" category you should see a link that says "Request Account Deletion". If you click this link and confirm, we'll go ahead and delete your account. I hope this helps!

SixBeeps (5221)

I want to use my email for another account

Is there any reason why? If you want a name change, you can just email the team at [email protected] for a name change request.

NoelBryan1 (0)

I don’t think you can delete your account! You may want to try and email the support team of, other then that there’s not much you can do.