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Custom domains returning too many redirects
CoolCoderSJ (689)


None of my custom domains on replit work anymore...they all used to work, but now without me doing anything, they’re returning this error ->
“This page isn’t working right now
This page is redirecting too many times

How to fix this?

Note: the domains work until I link them...
Like they show the “Run the repl” page

Answered by CoolCoderSJ (689) [earned 5 cycles]
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10zOfficial (0)

I'm also having this issue, have you found a solution?

CoolCoderSJ (689)

@10zOfficial Yes I have!

i feel so happy rn

Thanks to a member of the replit discord....

Use cloudflare and set SSL to Full. not strict, just full. Then use an autoclicker to spam the link domain button.

CodingCactus (4326)

Just letting people know that I selected this answer, not @CoolCoderSJ in case this looks a little dodgy

10zOfficial (0)

@CoolCoderSJ Thank you! You saved my day!

FHGDev (1)

@CoolCoderSJ Thanks so much! This works for me too. I didn't have to spam the link domain button tho.


SixBeeps (5332)

I've heard a few people say this recently, and although I haven't experienced it myself, I'm starting to think it's a bug of some sort. Feel free to file a ticket on the Bugs forum about it, I don't see one yet.