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Custom Domain Not Working
PedrexDev (1)

I need help. I have a repl, it's an API for my friend but I have a problem. The basic domain from Replit works great, but as soon as I set up my own domain, I get a message that the IP address of the website was not found. Please help me.

PedrexDev (1)

Thanks for helping, currenlty, running perfectly. :)

JustScorpion (2)

The most likely explanation will be your domain host. The error is ("The server's IP address has not been found") This may not be accurate as I used google translate to translate the error displayed.

Check on your host and check if you have access to the domain? Not sure, I'm also not a pro with Domain problems.

Final Conclusion: The domain is not up or started yet by your host

Not A Pro, May Be Wrong

JustScorpion (2)

Another possible Conclusion is that the IP is not found as displayed in the error, which pretty much means that you may have typed the domain worng.

Again, Not A Pro, May Be Wrong