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Custom 404-Not Found Page
0xmmalik (12)

How can I include a custom 404 file in my website? I already have the .html file written. Is there a .htaccess file?

Vandesm14 (2753)

.htaccess will not work on as it requires an Apache server (i think). Try using a PHP server repl instead to see if the htaccess works or not. If that doesn't work, I suggest learning Nodejs Express. This is a super simple yet powerful web server framework built on Nodejs (it's javascript!).

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CoolCoderSJ (690)

hey there,
Heres how i did it.

Things to know before u do this

  • It wouldn't be an HTML repl, rather a node.js repl
  • you need to use something to keep your node.js server running, I used Cron Jobs

1) Download your HTML repl as a zip and unzip it.
2) Make a new Node.js repl and upload the unzipped folder.
3) Rename that uploaded folder to public
4) At this point, make sure index.js , 404.html and (if u have one) are in root. All other files should be in /public, including 404.js, 404.css, and index.html.
5) Inside of index.js (The one in root. You should have 2 js indexes, one in /index.js and one in /public/index.js. The second one supports index.html, whereas the first one supports the server.) Enter this code

require("express")().use(require("express").static(__dirname + "/public")).use((_, res) => {
    res.status(404).sendFile(__dirname + "/404.html");

this should bring up your website.

Now we gotta keep the server alive

I used Cron Jobs
Once you login/signup, go to cronjobs. Make a new cron job. Enter your website domain in the first field. Unmark HTTP authentication. Set it to run every 1 minute. Save.


Note: Every time you wanna update the website, stop the repl and re run. if its not currently running, the website wont load.

This worked for me, and I hope it worked for you too. please mark this as correct If it did.