Select NodeJS runtime versions
sinclairzx81 (10)


Just wondering if it would be possible to add a feature where one can select a different node runtime for node backed projects. The repl provided (TypeScript + Node environment) is defaulting to node v9.11.2 which is missing Symbol.asyncIterator causing this code to fault.

The NodeJS environment currently runs Node v10.16.0 as its default (supports Symbol.asyncIterator). So there are currently version disparities for the different node environments run on It would be good to be able to override the default node version, both to enable modern language features (TypeScript projects currently can't use AsyncIteration), but also is pretty useful for developers trying to repro and communicate code issues. Being able to quickly replicate a node environment to a specific node version would be super useful for devs.

Alternatively, just defaulting to the current Node LTS would be good for new repl's.

Thanks, you guys do great work !

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ash15khng (729)

Currently, no language has this functionality, but you can suggest it at the feedback page.