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C++ course to recommend?

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Looking for an introductory C++ course for a student who wants to learn on their own starting from input/output through functions and arrays. Does not need to include OOP. Any recommendations or invites?

Corollary question: Are the 8 "Featured Classrooms" the only ones we can see without a specific invite code? I thought public Classrooms used to be searchable. I feel like I am missing something...


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SoloLearn was great and has a place in the student's learning. But from what I have seen of SoloLearn's pre-OOP lessons, assessment comes in the form of multiple choice or fill in the blank type questions. What this student needs is to write a short program after each unit or topic to exercise that new knowledge in the context of an actual functional (maybe even meaningful) program that he actually designs, writes and debugs himself. I was hoping to find that kind of a "course" on

I am happy to search myself so I am also still befuddled that I can't search through other public online courses. Suspecting I'm missing something...