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Copy Pasting on terminal not working.
121710309055VAD (1)

I have been trying to debug my python code, I am copypasting the input into the terminal but copy-paste is not working.

It worked fine until last week. Is this any settings change or is it the platform update???

JosephSanthosh (991)

Since the other methods are not working try this:

  • reloading the page (code should be saved though)
  • command + c (to copy)
  • command + v (to paste)

This should work if it doesn't please tell me!!!

CrazyVideoGamer (12)

@JosephSanthosh command + c gives "^C" and command + v gives "^V"

Coder100 (18873)

2 ways to do it

First Method

Right Click, and click Copy:

Second Method

Highlight the text and press Ctrl + Ins


Ctrl + C will terminate the process, so they had to change how you could copy text.

CodeLongAndPros (1631)

@Coder100 What browser? And I though C-C was standard...

Coder100 (18873)

for example, to make a newline, you have to do: \r\n @CodeLongAndPros

SixBeeps (5332)

Are you using Ctrl-C or are you right-clicking and copying that way?

121710309055VAD (1)

@SixBeeps I tried both ctrl+c and rightclick->copy, but it is working in the above terminal prompt, but not working in the notebook page.