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Cool Sites, Repls, and Games! (Self-Promotion)
Retrospicer (10)

What are some cool sites and/or repls and/or games you all have made?

(Basically self-promotion, I'll mark the one in my opinion that I think is the best as the answer!)

PS: Here is a 404 page template I made recently

firefish (953)

I'm currently making a social network, and well, it works-ish.

btfuss (178)

I'm developing a massive site, but that's gonna take a while unless somehow I can host a node.js server infinitely for free, so here is something else cool:

what can I say except, I'm broke and can't afford the hacker plan (in the tune of you're welcome)

Retrospicer (10)

@btfuss Wow that is pretty cool!

EdwardBentler (39)

Are asking for me to give myself self-promotion?

It's still in beta, and not very cool, but this is the best I have:

Retrospicer (10)

@EdwardBentler I like your game!
However some parts could be improved (like the css), and I sent an edit request to the repl so if you want, I can change the css, e.t.c. to make it better!

EdwardBentler (39)

@TamoghnaK13 Thanks, I've got backups to spare so feel free to change whatever you want :)

Retrospicer (10)

@FloCal35 Nice site!
If you want to collaborate on anything, I'm open!

FloCal35 (670)

Thanks @TamoghnaK13. I’m not working on anything at the moment, everything’s in that “get it done before school’s over” mode so I’m really busy, but that’s good to know for in the future