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Collision Issue with one of my spirtes

I'm currently working on a game, for a school project and require some help with actually getting a collision issue with one of my tile sprites for my game.

Issue: What I have done so far is make it so a pink tile sprite disappears every 2-4 seconds and re-appears in a loop. How I achieved this was via changing the opacity of the pink tile and changing the solid from true to false, of the tile. What issue I realised while testing, is that my Player does not have active collision, in which if I jumped on a solid sprite and turned the solidity to false of that same sprite, the player acts as though the sprite is still there and doesn't fall through.

The game so far has other bugs, but those are fixable. Just have this problem that has been pestering me during development.


Fixed, it now by moving the player up and down constantly by small intervals which kind of works like active collision, I think Kaboom.js should fix this issue or maybe there is an issue with how do it?