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[Python] How to run python shell automatically when REPL started
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Hi, I have embedded REPL shell to my website.

However, when the page is loaded (i.e. REPL loaded), the default page (first page I see) is the bash terminal instead of the python shell.

How do I make the python shell started by default and force the users to stay in the python shell? I don't want my users to see other files in the repository.

Thanks in advance.

Basically, I want my REPL terminal looks like this (see image below) when it's loaded (now I have to type python explicitly to start the interactive shell). Moreover, I don't want users to exit the python shell by typing exit().

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 7.23.30 PM

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Answered by CodeLongAndPros [earned 5 cycles]
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Ah, that's lit yeh it worked, thanks!

I have another question, if I run import modi in the python shell, it complains that it doesn't have its dependencies installed.

Is there a way that I can install the dependencies (i.e. running python3 install) implicitly? I don't want my users to type that command explicitly.

FYI, I have configured my .replit file as below:

# run="while true; do python; done" language="python3" onBoot="python3 install" [packager] afterInstall="echo installation is finished!" ignoredPaths=[".git", ".github", "doc", "tests"] ignoredPackages=["python-can"]

I thought the onBoot option would work as I expected but had no luck there. Maybe I'm not rebooting the shell properly? I just refreshed the page (I'm not sure what triggers the to reboot).

I would appreciate it if you'd help on this.