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Code in visual basic?

Hello there,

I understand that there is no legitimate repl support for visual basic. However, while snooping around the forums, I acquired the knowledge that a polyglot repl comes with support for a Visual basic compiler, therefore adding support for coding in visual basic. My question is that how DO you run visual basic? I understand that I would need minimal knowledge of the polyglot language, but all the tutorials i can find do not tell me what I want to know. It would be amazing if someone could inform my on the ways of polyglot.

Thank you for your time.


VB is only for NT, therefore, no, it does not run on a NIX


@CodeLongAndPros ..except if you port VBA to nix


I haven't looked into it much, but I'd assume that you'd also need to install the VB .NET libraries or something to make it work