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Code has deleted itself and rolling back in the history does nothing
finlay44111 (76)

title says it all, all the code is gone for "gravity cpp" and I cannot roll it back, when I roll it back it stays empty

Bookie0 (6565)

Maybe you disconnected (no WiFi for example), and so it didn't save properly? Usually, when you get disconnected, a modal pops up asking if you want to choose the server changes or your own changes on the client side; and you always want to pick your changes as they are the most accurate. Perhaps you misclicked, or closed the tab without selecting an option?

finlay44111 (76)

that wouldnt delete all the code, only the last few bits i did

Bookie0 (6565)

Hm true, but maybe you were disconnected for a long time and didn’t realize it? @finlay44111