or code issue?
ChristopherBurn (7)

I've started a coding club in our school, and we have been collaboratively creating a game in Python with Turtle. It worked just fine until last week. Now for some of the computers (everyone is on Chromebooks) the opening screen turtle drawer just takes off and the game freezes for about 5 minutes. For others the game still functions as expected. I have tried debugging, but there is no error I can see in the code and as it occurs only on certain machines I am wondering if it is a issue and not a code issue. I have also put the code into other online editors and it runs perfectly. We can't install IDE's on the Chromebooks (school division controlled) and we like for it's multiplayer capacity.
Any ideas? The issue generally occurs while drawing the "a" in "tank", but if you comment that section out the issue will occur elsewhere in the title drawing process.
I'd love to get this working again so we can continue with it. But it's very hard to test it when it only runs on one machine.

Edit* See link:

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