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Changing the main class name in Java -- is it possible?
LisaKossiver (2)

In Java there is no way to change the class name or the java file away from Main, and give it a meaningful name?

Coder100 (18057)

You can delete the main file and then create a new java file using shell commands: (hit ctrl+shift+s)


but then you will also have to configure the run button: (create a .replit file)

javac # whatever that file is
java NewClass
DynamicSquid (4891)

In the console, type rm, then hit the "new file" button, and rename the file whatever you like. Then create a new file called .replit, and type this:

run="javac; java filename"

I don't do java, so that may be wrong

PattanAhmed (1404)

@LisaKossiver Hi,
By reading all of these websites, I came to the conclusion that You cannot rename the main file in any of Programming Language.
The sources that I referred were:-
Click here
Click here
Click here


You can create a new file and rename it with your choice...
Unfortunately, you cannot rename the original ( to somewhat other.


you wanted to run your second file, then write this code into your main file:-



You wanted to rename your file on Desktop then, You can download it as a zip and extract it, and then you can rename it.

That's probably unrelated here :D

Hope this helps

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