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Change the color of link

Hi I was wondering if it would be possible to change the color of a link in repl (The ones that link to the other HTML pages)

Answered by Baconman321 [earned 5 cycles]
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Read this. Basically, you can either style a link like so:

(Like everyone else has said), or style it using the selectors mentioned in the article I linked. If you need one color, you can use the code I provided above (change the exampleColor to an actual color of your choice). If you need more options, like change the color when a user clicks a link, then go with what the article explains.


this man is right, this is going to be the solution to your problem, just put that in style.css and make sure your stylesheet is linked and this mans solution will work
if this helped please mark his answer and not mine.


You could also use the style="color:red;" tag



Yes it is, you just have to make an identifier, and change the color. code:

So wherever you see color. you can change it according to your needs. like blue, or green.
That should work


@RYANTADIPARTHI can you read the other answers? What's the point of posting something twice?