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Change school(?) in profile
tussiez (1677)

Some time ago, I set my school(?) to Hopkinton Middle School in my profile. I changed schools, but don't see the option to change this in my account settings anymore. Is this a bug, or did I miss something?

Answered by IntellectualGuy (852) [earned 5 cycles]
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IntellectualGuy (852)

No they removed the feature, I think

Baconman321 (1104)

@IntellectualGuy Good riddance, I could find out where tussiez lives with that information (he used to give his name, too). In fact, for a little bit I gave out my school and my name as well (in my email). Not that I'm trying to stalk, but I actually could find out that info. In fact, I found out that Coder100 and I live in the same state (we're about 90 miles apart)!

Repl: We WiLl PROtECT YOuR InfoRMaTiON

Also repl: encourages to display school and first/last name

tussiez (1677)

1. Yeah, haha privacy go bye bye luckily I removed it :/ :D
2. Eh, everyone learns
3. Yeah, he displayed which school he went to
5. caps
6. IMO this shouldn't be an option, as a lot of kids accidentally post their full name here + school

IntellectualGuy (852)

@tussiez Also the thing about how usernames are set automatically by isn't good.

InvisibleOne (3224)

I believe they removed it and the people who had it set now have it stuck set

Ascendancy (1)

Try removing your student role. You might want to report this to