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[python] Can someone explain how if statements with multiple conditions work?


Basically I have been working on a piece of code for example

while x > 0 or y < 100: print(something) print(y,x)

And the output would be something like this 190 , 0

Which is really annoying as it's only following one condition , I tried this with if statements and I got the same thing.

Can explain these multiple Condition concepts to me?

3 years ago
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ok in a nutshell and OR is basically if one condition is True you it outputs true and in the case of my loop it should end it

However when I try to run my code it only tried to meet the first condition and completely ignored the second one and the OR (so for example the X would reach 0 but the y would already be at like 200) and I don't get what's the problem here and how to fix it

3 years ago