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Can't figure out why
KittyKora (0)

First time usser here
Trying to run this repl it thingy
made a python code it works in VCS but, not here
can't figure out why it's so confusing to use this thing
my code
the repl it thingy
language = "python3"

unable to read
unable to decode
unable to decode .replit: Near line 1 (last key parsed ''): bare keys cannot contain ':'

MrEconomical (2312)

instead of using the command python try using python3

KittyKora (0)

@MrEconomical But, where and how to exactly can you be more precise ?

MrEconomical (2312)

@KittyKora in your .replit file run = "python3"

KittyKora (0)

@MrEconomical unable to read .replit:
unable to decode .replit: Near line 2 (last key parsed 'run'): Key 'run' has already been defined.

MrEconomical (2312)

@KittyKora send me screenshot of the file?

MrEconomical (2312)

@KittyKora take a screenshot copy it and paste it into your comment box or upload it to some image hosting site

ChesterWOV (0)

@KittyKora remove the run = "" part