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Cannot download pyodbc on
PackDaddy (6)

This is my first time using I am trying to create a python interface to create custom queries for a Microsoft Access data files used in my new job. In order to create a connection to the accesses file, I am trying to import pyodbc, however, I have not be able to import the module in either python 2.7 or 3.5. I have been getting a package installation failed! error along with other error codes that have been dead ends when searching on google. Any help would be appreciated!

arnoldschan (0)

any resolution on this? the environment doesn't have any ODBC driver installed. So pyodbc refused to be installed.
However, because no root access, we cannot install anything inside
looks like we cannot fully rely on if we want to connect MSSQL server

pdxJaxon (0)

I am getting the exact same error...any resolution?

ash15khng (721)

Add a file called requirements.txt.
It should look like this:


if you're using the newest version.
If not, use equality/greater than/lesser than operators (==, <, >, <=, >=) with the version numbers to specify a number.

ryanhcode (89)

Can you send us a link to the code or just the code so we can see the error?

PackDaddy (6)


And my error message is attached.