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Can you Open a Window in

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So I was thinking of making a quick 2d C++ game using SFML in to test the capabilities of it (like performance) but to make games with SFML you need to make a window appear. This is totally possible with a normal text-editor/IDE but I was wondering if it was even possible to open a window with

Answered by Highwayman [earned 5 cycles]
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it is not possible. Repl has its own graphics system but unfortunately libraries such as SFML is not supported. For example try importing and using windows.h and you will see

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windows.h won't work because is a UNIX-like environment, not a windows environment. regardless, you still have a valid point: Graphics are pretty hard to get working on


, In order to get SFML working on, you need to download and compile the actual SFML library yourself, and even then it won't work if you don't have the hacker plan.
AFAIK, there are other ways of getting graphics on with C/C++, but they are kinda annoying

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Ah, makes sense. Yeah I didn't really need to use for this (usually use VS or VScode) but I was just wondering.

Thanks for answering!

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why don't you

spoiler alert yes it is possible i have done it before