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Can we add a character limit to comments.

note: the repl is just to post
Can we add a character limit to comments, or prevent repetitive items in comments? Im asking because @ethanheys decided to spam a certain post, which has caused it to be impossible to view ligitamte comments

Answered by Vandesm14 (2727) [earned 5 cycles]
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Vandesm14 (2727)

I thought they did put character limits on comments. Well, I'd suggest reporting this to
Spam is a really big problem on Repl Talk. Only if we had more moderators (hint hint).

If I answered your question:


@Vandesm14 I would post on feedback/bugs, but for some reason it doesnt work sometimes (99% of the time)

Zavexeon (1162)

Took care of that spammer, they're banned now.


@Zavexeon Thank you. Your a life saver