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Can somebody please help me with debugging this ?
crispychips453 (0)

Hello all! This is a project I have for my intro to C++ programming class. There are three files. The main file contains a class and the methods, along with an array. The test file runs the code and asks the user what cards he/she wants to select. The problem that I have is in the largest file, the CPP file. I am getting a problem with it. The error that pops up is a 'expected unqualified-id" error. It pops up when I call the class methods. There are only 7 errors, and there is close to 500 lines of code total. Please if anyone can take a look and give me some suggestions, I will be very grateful and it will help a lot.

Highwayman (1482)

It should be return_type class_name::function_name(...