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Can anyone show me how to make a chat room using html?

I want to make a chat app so people can chat publically and privately, but I don't know how to do that. I was wondering if anyone could help/show me how to make it.


I think has a tutorial for a nodejs one. Just google, how to make a chat app nodejs and you will find some good responses


You can't make a site which interacts between two users with just plain HTML. You'll need some kind of backend for that.

I made a mostly-documented chat example a while back called HomebrewChat for someone else who was asking the same question you are. It's written in Node.js, which is a language that can host a backend. If you want to rummage through the codebase, here it is:


Your asking for a lot buddy. While you are at it, you should ask the repl community if they can make you a chocolate cake with glazing and have it delivered to your house in a minute. No, they will not do everything for you and let you take the credit. That’s not how it works. They can give you the outlines and instructions on what you have to do, but coding and debugging is your job. Just like wanting a chocolate cake, you can buy a program which does the job, or you can make it yourself from scratch, but they will surely not give a delicious chocolate cake to you for free. To give you an overall perspective on how to make this “chat app”, Medium made a nice article on the specifics of making a program like this….


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